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Nine Good Irish Quotes And Proverbs

Nine Good Irish Quotes And Proverbs

The Irish, those who hail the country of Ireland, both by birth and those who simply claim it, are a God-fearing and unique group of people. It is said that everybody has been an Irish Catholic at least once in their lives. Who won’t join in the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations? Attributed to the Irish are hundreds of thousands of quotes over the centuries, and here are a few of their best. Enjoy, and feel free to use for yourself as often as you like.

1. "There is no language like the Irish for soothing and quieting."~~ By John Millington Synge~~

2. "St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time -- a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic."~~ By Adrienne Cook.~~

3. "Ireland is rich in literature that understands a soul's yearnings, and dancing that understands a happy heart."~~ By Margaret Jackson.~~

4. "Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat."~~ By Alex Levine.~~

5. "Maybe it's bred in the bone, but the sound of pipes is a little bit of heaven to some of us." ~~ By Nancy O'Keeefe.~~

6. "In Ireland the inevitable never happens and the unexpected constantly occurs." ~~ By Sir John Pentland Mahaffy.~~

7. "Long life to you, a wet mouth, and death in Ireland"

8. "A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures"

9. "I believe in the sun when it's not shining, I believe in love even when I feel it not, I believe what whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for."

Many of the quotes that are attributed to Ireland are those that are full of dealing with strife and problems. For many individuals in Ireland’s history, their lives were anything but easy. They struggled to find food, homes and shelter many times. And, when they had that there was disease ravishing them. For those in Ireland, many quotes are very religious in nature as well. The goal of each is to inspire or just to learn to deal with the things that were put at their feet.

By: Niall Cinneide

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Influenza B Treatment Medication Tamiflu Oseltamivir

Influenza B Treatment Medication Tamiflu Oseltamivir

Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) – Influenza medication

Tamiflu is an antiviral drug that has been approved in more than 80 countries. It is manufactured by Roche and is used for the treatment and prevention of influenza. This medication is also approved for the treatment of bird flu.

About Tamiflu (Oseltamivir)

The active ingredient in Tamiflu is oseltamivir. It is used for treating adults and adolescents suffering from influenza. Tamiflu helps patients whose flu symptoms are not more than two days (48 hours) old. Tamiflu is also used to reduce the chance of getting influenza in people because of infection.

Tamiflu for influenza treatment

Tamiflu reduces the duration of influenza by approximately one to one and a half days and reduces the risk of developing flu-related complications, such as chest infections, pneumonia and others that require antibiotics.

Tamiflu is indicated for the treatment of viral infections especially influenza virus. Tamiflu can treat influenza A and influenza B. It can decrease influenza symptoms such as weakness, headache, cough, fever, and sore throat in just the first day of intake. Tamiflu can also help in the prevention of influenza and protects you even if you have been in touch with an infected person. World Health Organization has also recommended Tamiflu as the treatment to be taken in case of bird flu pandemic as it has been found to be effective in treating the new threat of bird flu.

Working of Tamiflu

Tamiflu works by binding to the neuraminidase on the surface of the virus particles and stops it from spreading further. When neuraminidase blocks the virus in this way, newly formed viral particles are not released from the infected cells. This prevents the flu virus from spreading and contaminating other cells. Tamiflu helps confine infection to a smaller area. This makes the symptoms of the infection less severe and makes it is easier for the immune system to kill the virus.

Dosage of Tamiflu

For influenza and bird flu treatment, the dosage of Tamiflu is:

75mg of Tamiflu for adults to be taken twice a day for up to five days
30-75mg of Tamiflu for children to be taken twice a day for up to five days
A paediatrician must determine the dose for infants

For prevention of influenza and bird flu, the dosage of Tamiflu is:

75mg Tamiflu tablets for adults once daily for at least 10 days
30mg Tamiflu tablets for children once daily
A paediatrician should determine dosage for infants

Side effects of Tamiflu (Oseltamivir)

Tamiflu is a well tolerated medicine. The most common side effects of Tamiflu are nausea and vomiting. Other side effects of Tamiflu are diarrhoea, abdominal pain, dizziness, headache, and insomnia. If you experience any side effects of Tamiflu or they become specifically persistent and bothersome, inform your doctor immediately.

Precautions for Tamiflu

Before you take Tamiflu, tell your doctor if you have any of the following medical conditions:

Heart problem
Kidney problem
Other viral infections besides Influenza A or Influenza B
Lung problem
Liver problem
Other serious medical problems that need constant medical attention

It is best to tell your doctor about all your current medical conditions and the drugs you are taking to avoid any drug complications.

By: Katiee

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Helpful Tips About Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Helpful Tips About Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

One of the more popular purchases of art buyers is limited edition fine art prints. These high quality prints provide the artistic brilliance of the original work at a fraction of the cost. Modern printing techniques used today produce remarkable reproductions of original art.

You may wonder what the difference is between original artwork and limited edition prints. Original artwork is a work produced directly by the artist as opposed to being a reproduction. What does “limited edition” mean? This means that the artist or publisher has committed to producing only a limited number of prints.

There are three primary printing techniques used:

1. Lithography – Lithography is a printing process that uses a chemical process to create an image. 21st century lithography can produce high volumes of books, posters, maps and packaging.
2. Serigraph – Serigraph, also known as silkscreening or screenprinting, produces a print using a screening process where color ink is forced through a screen. This printmaking technique creates a sharp-edged image using a stencil.
3. Giclee – using high tech inkjet printing produces Giclees, with 6 colors of ink. Giclees are produced from digital images so they don’t require negatives. This process offers superior color accuracy with the first giclee prints appearing in the early 1990’s.

A special high quality printing technique used is called serilith. Serilith provides mixed media original art prints created by an artist using both the serigraph and lithograph process. This technique is found primarily in the creation of limited edition fine art prints.

Once you have purchased your limited edition fine art print, the next step is to care for it correctly. Light, temperature and general environment play a huge role in the longevity of your print. The first thing to do is to have the print properly framed. Without proper framing, your print can be damaged by ultraviolet light, humidity, dust and the acidity of the framing materials.

These enemies that can damage your print:

· Light – UV light can fade, discolor or deteriorate art prints. Paper is made from plant fiber so high exposure to light causes oxidation that results in changing the appearance of the paper. High light exposure also can lead to color fading and fiber weakness. Regular glass will filter less than 50% of the damaging light while UV glass and acrylic filters over 95% of the light.
· Humidity – Moisture can destroy artwork whether it’s in a glass frame or not. Limited edition fine art prints stored in damp, humid locations can invite not only water stains, but mold spores and termites also. Do not store artwork in plastic bags as they can trap moisture.
· Acidity – Anytime prints come into contact with acidic paper pulp (acidic mat or cardboard backing) they are susceptible to damage. Acid transferring to the print will cause staining to occur. The best way to combat this problem is by using 100% acid-free archival quality paper or materials.

Finally, if you are not going to display your limited edition fine art print, store it carefully. If possible, store your artwork in a climate-controlled space to avoid damage. Do not store artwork in your basement, attic or garage as the temperature extremes and humidity may cause serious and irreparable damage.

By: Charles Jaymes

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Avoiding And Treating Crohn's Disease

Avoiding And Treating Crohn's Disease

Crohn’s disease pain is the result of the swelling of intestinal wall. Preliminary treatments of the ailment primarily deal with the inflammation. It is pretty essential but at the same time the significance of a complete Crohn’s diet can’t be unnoticed.

Diarrhea and reduced hunger might result in weight loss, undernourishment and growth troubles in kids. Together with this, one might also experience anemia owing to intestinal bleeding.

Crohn's disease might have extended reduction periods and after that break out at once. Though, one could take the advantage of several foods and over-the-counter medicines which are accessible and linked with flare-ups in the ailment.

But it is significant to observe that it is not essential that causes of flare in an individual would also be the causes of flare in other individual. Hence, a suitable food diet could actually prove as a benefit for the victim. With these, they could keep a look at the things which are resulting in flare-ups in their case and as a result reducing crohn’s disease pain.

While an individual is suffering from Crohn's disease, it doesn’t matter whether signs are in control or not. It is pretty essential for a victim to have a suitable Crohn’s diet plan. Though, the victim would have to make some alterations in his/her plan according to the necessity during the occurrence of Crohn’s disease pain.

For a Crohn's disease victim, having an appropriate hydration is vital at all times, though it becomes necessary in diarrhea. Hence one must drink at least eight glasses of water everyday.

In the nonexistence of Crohn’s disease symptoms, one must enhance the consumption of fiber rich diet. Though, it is not suggested at the time of flare-ups. Milk and dairy products might be the reason of flare-ups in those persons having lactose intolerant

In the existence of Crohn’s pain, consuming small meals at small intervals is suggested other than a low carbohydrate high protein diet. This type of food is considered to be helpful in diminishing the symptoms in some cases. Though, fat should be avoided completely.

As long as the over-the-counter prescriptions as Crohn’s disease pain relievers are concerned, doctors recommend Tylenol or a hereditary counterpart. The consumption of Aspirin is not advised as it is supposed to irritate the inside layer of the digestive area.

Little concern and awareness could actually prove helpful in reducing disease pain and symptoms.

By: Franchis

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Aromatherapy Diffusers And Candles

Aromatherapy Diffusers And Candles
Diffusers are used in conjunction with essential oils. They work to disperse the oils in the air so that they can be breathed in and enjoyed by everyone in the room. There are a number of different styles, some use power and a fan and while others use small amounts of heat to disperse the aroma. The primary types of diffusers are atomizers, fan diffusers, tea light diffusers, electric oil warmers, the scent ball, terra cotta disks.

An atomizer consists of a pump and glass. These disperse the essential oils into a very fine mist and then disperse them. It is important that they are not left on too long. It only requires just a few minutes and then you'll be able to smell the scent perfectly. If you let this type of diffuser stay on longer than that, then you can get too much essential oil into the air and this can cause problems.

A fan diffuser uses a fan to dispense the essential oil molecules in the air. These are good if you have children. They won't be in danger of being burned like they might with heated diffusers.

A personal nasal inhaler is a type of diffuser. It is used for personal use, hence the name. If there are other people in the room who would rather not smell the oil, this is a great way to enjoy the scent without offending anyone else.

Tea light diffusers use the heat from a tea light candle. They are very easy to use and are generally used by beginners. You will generally get about 2-3 hours from this type of diffuser.

An electric bowl warmer diffuser consists of primarily a bowl. You will need to add your essential oil and water and the diffuser will heat the mixture up. You should get a couple of hours out of this type of diffuser as well.

The scent ball is another really good diffuser. What is great about these is that you will be able to take them with you. If you change rooms and you still want to enjoy your scent, you can. You will also be able to change out your scent pad so that you can exchange it for another if you’d like. These also use a low source of heat to diffuse the scent. They are extremely cheap so you can purchase more then one.

Ceramic shells last a little longer then the diffusers listed above. They may actually keep the scent in a small area for about a day.

Besides essential oils, another great way to scent a room is with candles. Aromatherapy candles \smell absolutely wonderful and can help calm the nerves and emotions. After a long, hard day, relaxing with a wonderful aromatherapy fragrant candle can take the edge off and help you relax. There is a large array of these types of candles. You can find one in just about every scent. You can purchase them online or make them yourselves in your favorite scents and colors.

By: George K.
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Health Insurance Plans - Getting The Most For Your Money

Health Insurance Plans - Getting The Most For Your Money

Health insurance plans are just about imperative today. However, finding the right one is not always such an easy task. Today there are many different options available, but the costs are very high and some don't even offer the best coverage. There are many reasons that you may want to look for great health insurance, the foremost reason being that with the sky-high cost of health care these days, it is foolish to be without a good health insurance plan. Here's a look at some of the reasons you may need a new plan, the importance of knowing what you need, and some tips on shopping for the best possible rates on the insurance you need.

Medical Care is Expensive

First of all, today you'll find that medical care is expensive. If you don't have good insurance, then it's going to be difficult to afford the care that you need. Today having health insurance is just about mandatory, since without it you can just about go bankrupt just on medical bills. Not only are the doctor bills expensive, but even prescriptions are outrageously priced, making health insurance plans a real need and a requirement for virtually everyone. This is one of the main reasons that people need good plans today.

Not Everything is Covered by Employer Plans

Another reason that people end up needing health insurance is because often their employer plan just doesn't cover everything. This is frustrating when you are supposed to get good care through your employer, only to find out later that not everything you need is covered. This may lead to you looking for another plan to help cover the rest of the expenses that are not covered by the employer plan that you have. But the good news here is that if you already have a health insurance plan through your employer, getting a supplementary plan to pick up where that one leaves off can be very inexpensive.

Figuring Out What You Need

It's important that you find out what you need from your health insurance plans. Do you need prescription coverage, do you need accident coverage, or some other type of coverage? Determine what you need before you start looking for a plan. If you have a plan already, figure out what it covers so you can find a plan that will take care of the rest of your needs.

Shopping for the Best Rates

When you go to purchase health insurance plans, you'll definitely want to take the time to compare the rates and deductibles that different companies have to offer. Today you'll find that there are many different health insurance companies and they offer a variety of plans. With so many competitive plans, you'll want to compare what the plans have to offer and the prices that you'll pay. While it may take a bit of time, it will definitely be worth your time when you are able to get the best possible deal. When comparing plans, make sure you are comparing apples to apples, since the coverage limits and deductibles are almost always different in various plans.

So, having great health insurance today is imperative. This way you protect yourself against high medical costs. Just make sure that you find out about various health insurance plans out there. Compare prices, and find a great deal so you can get the insurance you need without cramping your budget.

By: Jon Arnold
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Ppo Health Insurance Plans

Ppo Health Insurance Plans

Do you need a cheap PPO health insurance plan? If so, there are a number options available to assist you in lowering the cost. Unfortunately,none of these options seem to be pleasant, however, in the case of belonging to a ppo health insurance plan or not, it's better to have at the very least a little protection. You have a couple options.

1. Lower the coverage. Having some coverage is more desireable than having none at all. You can strip down the coverage by removing amounts that your plan covers. Ie., there are ppo health insurance policies that are more inexpensive because there is just the bare minimum coverage. Although it is very unfortunate that you probably won't have enough covereage if you get into a situation that requires long term care, having even a little bit of coverage will save you some money. To some, this choice may seem silly or not worthwhile. It's important to realize that the greatest proportion of bankruptcies in the USA stems from inability to meet huge medical bills. With partial coverage, your family might be able to avoid this.

Number two. You have the option to raise your deductible to the max. By doing this, you will be paying virtually all of your common medical cost from your own budget. Are you already doing this? Some thought might give you a positive answer to that question. Have you been to the doctor this year? If so, how many times? In the past twelve months, do you know the number of times you attended? With a deductible between $250-$500 you will probably have to pay it at least twice.This was most likely a self-pay, wasn't it? As you have read in the example above, the maximum deductible is there to protect you. Put away $400 for this.Save a set amount for ppo doctor visits and don't allow it to be used for anything else. Large families receive even more. These ideas are suggestions, and are not the only options available to you. I am aware that alot of skeptics will argue over these options and that's ok. As you look for cheap health insurance, I suggest you approach it with an open mind.

By: Tim Strye
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Travel Health Insurance – Essential For Overseas Traveling

Travel Health Insurance – Essential For Overseas Traveling

Have you ever thought of health insurance plans while traveling? If not, then understand the necessity of travel health insurance which is extremely essential for any overseas travel plan. You do not realize the need of it until and unless there is an emergency. These insurance plans take good care of your health and baggage during any of the international and domestic travel.

Insurance policies designed for travel plans secure you for the upcoming trip. Accidents are unpredictable and can occur during your travel. Serious cases require immediate medical attention with lot of money involved in it. It is then the travel health insurance comes to picture and takes care of all the expenses.

These insurance policies issue an identification card for the passenger during his travel. It will depend on the plan you choose and the premium amount you pay. The traveler gets all benefit during a medical crisis as per the plan he chooses. The identification card takes off the entire burden from initial hospitalization to all other medical requirements.

The insurance companies make the payment usually by either of the two ways. They may directly deal with the doctor and make the payments. On the contrary they may ask you to make the payments and later claim for reimbursement. Travel health insurance is therefore very important and can save your life in a different country where you are unaware of the system and process.

Internet is now the most reliable source of information about insurance companies as they have their official websites. These websites are equipped with the latest updates and calculators to find out the premium amount as per the plans. Testimonials of the existing members can prove to be beneficial.

Check reputed companies in order to avoid any hassles for paperwork and get better customer service. It is indeed a good idea to check with friends who are frequent travelers. Practically their experience would be the most reliable information you could depend on. Travel health insurance is for your safety and you should never ignore it for any of your travel plans.

Insurance companies give coverage to every age group starting from 1 year to 85 years. Special features of reputed companies include coverage for dental care, medical evacuation, baggage loss and delay, cancellation, interruption of trips etc. These features almost take care of all possible problems which you can expect in your travel. Both health and baggage insurance can be clubbed together to get all the benefits.

Travel health insurance will require having your medical check up done after a certain age group. Most of the companies have fixed the age of 70 for medical check up. Pre-existing health issues are not covered in almost all the policies. However, some reputed companies give coverage in critical situations when it comes to life and death.

It is a really a comfortable feeling when you know that you and your family are protected with health insurance to face any unexpected medical expenses. Encourage yourself and others to buy travel health insurance. It will keep your journey safe and secured.

By: Nancy_William
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Find Details About Health Insurance For Self Employed

Find Details About Health Insurance For Self Employed

Self employed person is a happy man with nobody to command him. He has his own set of work or business which he manages in his own way. However, health insurance for self employed person could make him sad due to the heavy premium amounts. It now becomes his responsibility to find out details about health insurance for himself and his family.

People are trying to explore the business world and get independent these days. In such a scenario health insurance for self employed should be given high priority. There is lot of uncertainty prevailing in the surroundings which makes these policies very important in life.
Things start getting really very expensive since the medical expenses are at an all time high. Every single test and diagnosis involve huge amount of money. Middle class people are the ones who are worst hit with the existing situation since their entire savings can vanish with just one major medical crisis. Also with the recession causing panic in the market, it makes sense to remove the fear of medical expenses from our minds.

The introduction of the health insurance by many government and private companies has managed to assist people to cope up with the potential medical expenses. However these insurance policies can have high premium values depending on the company and plan. It becomes essential to do some research and find details of low cost insurance policies.

Self employed people are not a part of any group insurance coverage. They do not get any special benefit in terms of discounted premium amount. Health insurance for self employed then becomes expensive and goes out of budget. They need proper guidance and assistance from experts who can give them an idea of low cost insurance policies.

It would be really great if you could understand the health insurance for self employed before you approach the experts. The information which you might want to understand well is about the features in the policies. You’ll need to analyze if the features suit your requirements. The policy which you buy will be more beneficial to you if it covers your existing medical conditions as well.

If you are a self employed person, you might need to check the health insurance for self employed options available with the insurance companies. Always emphasize on insurance policies that give coverage to your family. The premium amount of family would be very less as compared to that of an individual. Compare prices of every plan each company has to offer and choose the best out of it.

If you have plans for extending your business with recruitment of more employees, you can check with insurance companies for group plans. It will secure you and your family along with all other employees at minimal rate. Even with your spouse working in your organization gives you a chance to opt for group plans. Almost every insurance company offers group plans which can be further discussed with experts.

Think and plan to join some trading associations to avail for group plans which will save lot of your money. However, some companies offer lot of other benefits of health insurance for self employed.

This is the right time to take decision and get insured for your future medical expenses.
By: Nancy_William
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