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Instantly Trace Cell Phone Numbers – Run A Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Now

Instantly Trace Cell Phone Numbers – Run A Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Now

If you have tried to trace cell phone numbers details by running online searches on free phone directories and the results fall very short of your expectations, you would understand the frustrations and suspense you have to bear with, for simply not knowing who actually called or SMS text messaged you. While it is great for the caller who might wish to stay anonymous, it is definitely not for you. Your solution to this seemingly difficult problem is simply the reverse cell phone lookup.

You are unable to find any information on the internet via free search engines on the phone numbers in question. This should be a good indicator to you that the numbers you are searching are cell phone numbers or unlisted numbers which are not public domain property and hence not accessible for free online.

You will then proceed to a reliable and accurate reverse cell phone lookup service. Remember to do due diligence and check out the website for testimonials and word of mouth to ensure that the service is robust. The more popular the service, the larger the database and the greater the probability of you getting the full information you need.

Simply key in the phone number into the search box prompt and leave the rest to the system, which will match it with its vast database and provide you with a full report of name, current and past addresses, location maps, service status, carriers and much more. Some services include thorough personal background checks and criminal records as well.

Reverse cell phone lookups services are provided by dedicated companies specialized to provide you with the specific information you need, by collating and updating data from various sources on a constant basis.

Hence, for access to such services, you do need to pay a small admin fee, costing less than a good meal.

Depending on the number of phone numbers you need to check, you may select the single search or unlimited search option. My personal experience is that if you have more than two numbers on hand requiring information, opt for the unlimited option package for the best value for money. The unlimited option which is priced around three single searches, allows you unlimited searches for multiple runs, which is essentially for free on the reverse cell number lookup thereafter.

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Cell Phone Jammer

Cell Phone Jammer

Cell phones are really a miracle in latest technology that helps us to converse with anyone at anytime and anywhere in the world. To enhance proper functioning of cell phones and to avoid occurring interruption or jam in signals a cell phone jammer is much helpful. A cell phone jammer is a device that facilitates to transmit radio signals to cut-off communications between the cell phone and cellular base-stations within distinct synchronized region.

Initially cell phone jammers were used only by the military and police department people to interrupt communications by criminals and terrorists. But today the cell phone jammers are very advantageous to all people to create cell phone free surroundings within limited range. When we just go out to movies, restaurants, temples, museums, galleries, schools, departmental stores, etc just to relax or for any important meetings it is tough for us to overcome non-stop irritating cell phone conversations. Cell phone jammers are really precious that they restrict phone traffics in an efficient manner and allow us to enjoy peace in those places.

Initially made jammers possessed large antennas mounted on trailers, which were really tough to carry. But at present there are plenty of models and sizes have been introduced in the market to suit the size of the cell phones and are handy. These portable jammers are very familiar nowadays and they have a covering range of nearly 50 to 80 feet and they usually come in two forms one is GSM networks in Europe and Asia with a frequency of 900-1800 MHz and the other is for the Americas and Canada networks with the frequency of 1900 MHz. You can prefer the one based on your location.

While the jammer is activated it will display phrases like “No Service” and thus all your incoming and outgoing calls are blocked until it is turned off. The range of jamming depends on its power and the nearby surrounding, which comprises hills or walls of a building that interrupt the jamming signal. Some highly advanced jammers even block service up to one mile like in football grounds and other play grounds. In general the jammers obtain its power supply from battery (small ones) or standard outlet or wired into an electrical system of the vehicle.

Cell phone jammers fixed in camera phones blocks voice transmission as well as photo transmissions which is mostly preferred by companies to prevent commercial spying. To own a cell phone jammer there are some legal issues that you should check with your confined regulations to be tracked on from the places where we reside.

With this authority we can buy cell phone jammers from various online shops like, which offer range of cell phone jammers like GPS, Wifi etc with lifetime unconditional guarantee and 24 hours technical care for the users at a lowest price and make door deliveries at free shipment.

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Cell Phone Radiations And Its Facts & Its Protection

Cell Phone Radiations And Its Facts and Its Protection

Phone Radiation and Health concerns have been raised, particularly following the huge boost-up in the use of wireless mobile telephony all through the world (as of August 2005, there were more than 2 billion users worldwide). Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range, and some consider this might be damaging to human health. These concerns have induced a hefty body of research (together epidemiological and experimental, in non-human animals and in humans). Concerns about effects on health have also been elevated regarding other digital wireless systems, for instance data communication networks.

The World Health Organization, stand upon the consensus view of the scientific and medical groups, states that health effects (e.g. headaches) are very improbable to be caused by cell phones or their base stations, and expects to make suggestions about cell phones in October 2009.

Nevertheless, certain national radiation advisory authorities have suggested measures to reduce exposure to their populace.


The cell phone industry would want us to consider that there are no injurious effects of cell phone radiation; nevertheless, the actuality tells us otherwise. There are more than 200 million cell phone users in America and this number is mounting day by day. This means that there are millions of mobile phone users who are oblivious of the danger of using this device.

Wireless Technology Research

The cell phone industry is never going to admit that there are stern health dangers correlated to mobile phone radiation. In reality, when the industry started a Wireless Technology Research in 1993, a non-commercial organization, to prove to the public that mobile phones are secure, the research boomeranged on them, so to speak.

The Studies performed and found:

The research team was headed by Dr. George Carlo. More than 200 doctors and researchers were drawn in in the WTR project. Overall, more than 50 studies were performed. Based on the studies, Dr Carlo and the scientists gave a conclusion that cell phone radiation was injurious to the user. The studies found that
- Radiation from the cell phone may result to DNA damage and damage the DNA repair method.
- The cell phones caught up with cardiac pacesetter.
- The radiation from the cell phone boosts the danger of brain dysfunction, tumors, cancer, autism, attention deficit disorder and neurodegenerative disease.
- In kids, the mobile phone radiation causes behavioral and emotional problems.

Further Research against Mobile Phones

More lately, a study conducted by Dariusz Leszczynski at the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Helsinki, came to a conclusion that mobile phone radiation did impinge on cells in living humans. The study found that there is a sturdy chance that cell phone radiation changes the expression of certain proteins in living cells in human beings. In accordance to Leszczynski, the study has proven that our body does identify/make out the low-level of radiation given out by cell phones and therefore reacts to it.

More and more studies have shown that there is a very persuasive link among non-ionizing radiation from the mobile phone to a variety of diseases such as cancer, brain tumors, Alzheimer, Parkinson, tiredness and headache.

Queries which we got ask ourselves:

A lot of us would not like to trust these studies and their findings. Nevertheless, if we sit down and think clearly, we will comprehend that there are certainly so many queries that are unrequited. For example, is it not astounding that in the last decade there has been a dramatic rise in brain cancer? In accordance to epidemic curve projections, there would be 400,000 to 500,000 novel cases of brain and eye cancer all over the world, each and every year.

Why are we witnessing such an important increase in diseases such as, Alzheimer, Parkinson, autism and attention deficit disorders? Certain experts consider that electro pollution from technology has something to do with it. And that the information-carrying radio frequencies from mobile phone communications play a great part.

Although the mobile phone industry goes to big lengths to claim that mobile phones are totally secure, their actions speak otherwise. Think about it - why do a lot of mobile phone providers have their consumers sign a contract stating that they would not take legal action the mobile phone producer or participate in a Class Action Lawsuit. If the mobile phones are so secure and protected, why do they have this clause in their contracts? It appears that they are endeavoring to cover their behinds, presently in case.

The actuality is that many studies have already shown that mobile phone radiation has effects considered injurious to the user, and the consumers require to know of this so that they can take suitable safety measures.

Protection against these cell phone radiations:

It's no secret that mobile phone use is on the rise, even in nations which are growing. After all, what with the lowering of the price of the phones, and more satellites in place to hold up their use; their use can only mount. But, recent research has shown that the use of cell phones carries an elevated risk of health problems. While their radiation is little, there is the twin dilemma of repeated exposure and the close closeness of the cellular phones to a person's head. We're already seeing the results - more incidents of headaches, migraines, brain cancers, and a host of other health problems for adults. There's even evidence that this radiation may damage your blood! In the case of children, we are seeing more cases of autism every year. While it's known that this disease is a genetic one, it's also been started that the disease has an environmental factor. Present research recommends that mobile phone radiation could be that vital factor.

Yet, it is not as if we can simply toss away our mobile phones and go back to standard "land lines". Using mobile phones is a verity of contemporary life; such as giving up the horse and buggy for the automobile.

This is where technology can help you out. Today, there are many computer chips you can purchase and fit in your handset, or even simply wear on your person. A variety of sites on the internet uphold dissimilar emf commodities that you can wear. Other products for example mobile phone protection chips stick to the phone and either shield counteracts or block the radiation that the mobile phone emits and obtains. Air tube Headsets are another very famous cell phone protection product on the market that is gaining fame and keeps the radiation away from your head. As with any of these devices ensure that their scientific research is to confirm the products claims as it is well worth the money to avert the possible future implications of cell phone radiation. Bear in mind, tobacco used to be good for you. Doctors said so!

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